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2018 Garage Trends


Much of the public now understands the very important visual and spatial effect that garages have on the total impression of a home’s facade. There’s been many recent design and functionality trends that have shook up the garage door installation world; in this blog post, the garage door installation experts at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors will provide some details as to the major trends in garage installation this 2018.


Hybrid and electric cars are increasingly popular, and require home charging stations – and the obvious home for a home charging station is in the garage! Some people even outfit their garages with solar panels to generate electricity for these charging ports, as well as the rest of the home. Tesla, a leading maker of electric vehicles, offers a energy storage and collection system based in roof tiles that can be installed directly in your house, as well as car battery station that can also pass on energy to the rest of your house.


By 2017, nearly 40% of American homes had internet connected home alliances like cameras, lighting, security systems, and temperature regulation systems. Garages are included as well – with Wi-Fi connected garage door openers becoming increasingly possible and allowing for maximum connectivity through applications. Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers are now built directly with a physically integrated Wi-Fi system offering their custom MyQ technology.


As newly built and upgraded homes are getting smaller, garages are being included as an extension to the home. Garages no longer are just a place for your car to sleep at night – but now house kitchens, playrooms, laundry areas, or are used for hobbies like music production, biking, or really anything. This has led to the upgrade of many garages to more comfortable environments, including durable floor covering, proper insulation, and attractive wall and floor finishes. Garages are also increasingly being used for practical and efficient storage through special modular storage systems that make the most of every bit of space, including that by the ceiling.

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