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5 Great Garage Door Updates


Upgrading your garage door is a fantastic way to help improve the function of your home and business, especially with all the fantastic opportunities afforded to us through smart home technology. Here’s a guide to 5 fantastic upgrades to your garage door that you can implement, as prepared by the garage door installation experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gates.


This is a fantastic solution for those looking to both upgrade their garage and save money on energy bills. Install an insulated garage door that can seal out hot air in the summer and keep out the cold winter air. Install fortified garage doors with warranties of 20 years; these will require much less repairs, saving you lots of money over time.


Connect your garage door to your phone, tablet, or computer through smart WiFi or Bluetooth enabled technology. This allows you to open our garage door from a distance – fantastic for package delivery, early guest arrivals, or those moments when you realize you or your children forgot to close your garage door.


Install LED bulbs in your garage; they are much more energy efficient, much more bright, and last a high degree longer leading you to change the bulbs much less often. If you install a high quality motion activated LED light you guarantee that your garage will always have light when you need it (this is ideal for those that work late.) Plus, the energy efficiency will help you save a great deal of money over time.


Install backup batteries on your garage doors – this will guarantee your ability to open your garage door even when dealing with potential power outages – which can be a major safety-guaranteeing Godsend.


Consider installing windows in your garage door; this can really improve the quality of light in your garage, and makes it easier for you to utilize your garage as space for recreation like a gym, workshop, bar, or living area! This helps you make your garage feel more cozy pleasant, and vibrant – which will rub off on your mood and quality of life!

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