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Benefits of Smart Garage Doors


Smart garage doors are becoming even more common these days, and for a good reason! Smart garage doors offer fantastic advantages and conveniences, with total integration possibility with other Smart Home and access control technology. By installing a smart garage door, you can afford yourself myriad conveniences and advantages in home and business operations that those without smart garage doors cannot enjoy. In this blog entry, the garage door installation experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates will detail some of the main benefits of installing a smart garage door at your property.


With a smart garage door installed, you will never again have to drive home again to check if you left the garage door oops accidentally. If you’re out of the country, at work, or running errands, you can remotely check if the garage door is closed – and if it’s open, you can remotely shut it. If someone is accidentally locked out of your home or business due to key loss, they can contact you and have you open up the garage door from anywhere! If you need a package securely delivered, you can have a delivery person call you and have you open up the garage door for them to slide it under. There’s a billion situations in which having a smart garage door allows heightened convenience and security.


Smart garage doors allow for monitoring capabilities. In many scenarios, burglars will attempt entry through garage doors, as they are often not well protected. When analyzing your home security, implementing features like custom gates or locks, it’s essential to consider the security level of your garage doors. Smart garage doors can be customized to notify you exactly every time it’s opened and closed, in real time. This can help alert you when your garage is potentially being operated unlawfully by a thief – or even let you know when your children have arrived home at school.


Garage doors can be easily integrated to work with other smart features at your home or business. You can remotely schedule when your garage lights turn off and on. You can implement security features in your garage like temporary passcodes or rotating access control that is already implemented in your home locks. Through remote monitoring as attached to security cameras and access logs, you can keep track of all exits and entrances in EVERY area of your home, not just your front door.

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