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Brand New Garage Trends


There’s some awesome garage trends that are massively affecting the garage industry that we’re paying attention to in 2018. Here’s a list of the top garage trends to pay attention to, as prepared by the Los Angeles Garage Installation experts at LA Garage Doors.


32% of US homes now use smart home technology, with this number increasing. Smart garage technology allows for the remote operation and motoring of your garage door or garage door opener through a smartphone app, as well as cross platform connectivity with smoke detectors, fire alarms, carbon monoxide and radon detectors, moisture detectors, and garage lighting.


With the widening popularity of Green electric cars, electric car charging stations are becoming more popular garage features. It’s simply a must have. There’s two main kinds – Level 1 charging stations are connected to standard household outlets for plug in hybrid electric vehicles, and Level 2 chargers are more powerful, requiring a dedicated station, and work with battery powered electric cars.


Polyaspartic garage door coatings are the new trend, enjoying benefits over the typical epoxy floor coating including: more application versatility ( you can apply it in cold weather,) better abrasion and impact resistance, increased durability, more resistant to automotive fluid, chemicals, and road salt, and faster application.


Most older garages have poor or nil ceiling and wall insulation. This can majorly affect the energy efficiency of your home – so by insulating your garage you can not only lower your monthly electric bill, but you can also make your garage more Green and energy efficient. There’s tons of custom energy efficiency projects you can implement in your garage, from window weatherstripping, to installing an access door to your heated living areas.


There’s great revolutions in garage storage options being made that allow for amazing levels of decluttering. By cleaning up clutter from your garage door floor, you can more easily park your car or work in your garage. We recommend installing slatwall panels for hanging items, as well as installing an overhead storage rack; both these options help you maximize the storage space and versatility of your garage.

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