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Commercial Garage Door Tips

Commercial garage doors require a bit of specialized analysis before installation in order to maximize the convenience and productivity of your business, as well due to budgetary concerns. Here’s some tips for determining which type of commercial garage door you should install at your property, as prepared by the commercial garage door experts at LA Garage Door & Gates.


The usual commercial garage doors are 12 by 12 feet or 16 by 16 feet, but sometimes some businesses require a larger garage door so that bigger vehicles or equipment can enter or exit. Think aircraft hangers or large construction or farming agarages. There’s really no physical kiit on the size of your garage door – but we will say, that when it comes to oversized custom commercial garage doors, they are often in fact not overhead sectional garage doors, but rather get installed vertically and open laterally.


You need a team of garage professionals who can help you evaluate your unique needs and assess exactly what type of commercial garage door components will help your business out the most. This will be tailored to how you plan to utilize your garage door system, as well as help you avoid unnecessary damage or the need to repair. Safety equipment will of course be an essential consideration, especially if your commercial doors are motorized (and they usually are.)


You should keep in mind that the price of garage door strength is often less than the cost of having to regularly repair a weaker garage door. It always pays to invest in a superior garage door system – as well as its separate components and openers, rather than paying as little as possible and finding yourself paying for regular repairs. When it comes to commercial garage doors, it’s like most aspects of maintaining a business – a fine balance of your budget.

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