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DIY Garage Door Repair Do’s and Dont’s


Like we repeat many times here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates, amateurs should NEVER attempt to carry out DIY garage door fixes on components like belts and springs. This can prove to be incredibly dangerous – which is why it should be left to the hands of certified expert garage door and garage door opener repair technicians. However, there’s a few minor operations that the average lay person can carry out in their garage. In this blog post, the garage door opener repair experts here on our team will detail DIY garage door fixes that CAN be accomplished, and those that should NEVER BE ATTEMPTED BY AMATEURS.


Lubrication – you can lubricate your own garage door. It actually prevents garage door damages. Just make sure to use the proper lubricant, and ideally a newly purchased lubricant – and not too much of it. Eye sensor and remotes – amateurs can replace the remote battery for their garage, and try to clean and realign photo safety eyes to troubleshoot garage opening issues. Weather Seals – you can replace your garage weatherseal by yourself, which is a super easy fix. Just make sure that you’re purchasing the right type / size of replacement seal – and if you’re not sure, ask an expert.


Springs – Never try to repair garage door springs yourself, as the immense pressure they are under can actually cause serious injury or even death. Tracks – When garage door tracks are experiencing issues – either from misalignment or even just dirt or blockage – don’t try to repair them yourself, as the door can quickly slam down. Garage door openers – Don’t try to fix your garage door opener yourself, because they are complicated pieces of equipment, and you’ll likely take 10 times more time TRYING to fix it than an expert garage door repair technician, like those here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gate can accomplish in just half the time!

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