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Driveway Improvements


In any given neighborhood, particular homes take much more attention than other ones. This can be due to interesting architecture, a beautiful front porch, a beautiful garage, and a pristine driveway. Here’s a guide how to beautify and perfect your driveway, as prepared by the experts at LA Garage Doors.


This is the cheapest way of revitalizing your driveway. With simply a few hours of work spent with a power washer, you can get instantly noticeable results.


Regular use and weather will degrade the integrity of pavers or bricks on your driveway. By repairing these cosmetic and functional issues, you will restore the smoothness of your driveway, making it look new again, resealing it and reinvigorating the appearance of your home.


By adding a brick or paver border to your driveway in attractive complementary and contrasting colors, you can vastly improve the aesthetics of your driveway. Consider a single layer approach or even a complex multilayered many paver design.


Consider staining your driveway for an even more pronounced aesthetic and stylistic flair. Just make sure your driveway is clear of all coatings and oil, and that all cracks have already been sealed. A huge variety of stains are available on the market, in both acid or water based varieties.


If your driveway is degraded to the point where washing or repair is no longer an option, consider replacing it with pavers, bricks, or even gravel (our pick or an inexpensive and low maintenance choice.)


Place flower beds along your driveway – by choosing perennials you can avoid having to replant them next year, as they usually live over two years. Annuals will let you choose brand new colors every year. We just recommend not choosing biennials as these flowers take 2 years to reach full growth.


By adding lighting to your driveway you’re increasing both the safety and style of your home. Driveway lights ware available as pagoda style lights, pole vaulted ones, or even lights built into the pavers on the side of the driveway. Lights offer a versatile way to upgrade the appearance of your driveway with enough options to fit into any budget imaginable.

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