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Garage Door Emergency Releases

Most consumers are unaware of the emergency release cord on their garage door – as it’s only meant to be used in emergencies. However, being unaware of this cord can result in great danger, as understanding how and when to use garage emergency release cords can make a difference between injury and safety. In this blog entry, the garage installation and garage repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage and Gate will provide some detail as to the use of emergency garage release cords.


Imagine if a wildfire or earthquake hits your area – and your garage is the only way you can safely exit your property. When electricity is lost, garages may not be able to be opened – especially from inside. You might need to leave in your car in a rush! In this scenario, emergency garage release cords are a total lifesafer; sure, it’s true that backup batteries are installed commonplace these days, however, what would you do if you suddenly found that the battery is empty?! In this situation, you absolutely would need a garage door emergency release cord. Unfortunately, this scenario has been seen to play out in real life – for example, in the year 2017 there were 5 separate casualties associated with individuals being unable to leave their garage when there was a house fire. This tragic incident is actually the reason that it’s commonplace for garage doors to have battery backups these days.


Garage doors have emergency release cords hanging from the garage door opener. These cords have a handle at it’s base that hangs down a few feet underneath the garage’s ceiling. In some super high up garage (and depending on YOUR height,) you may need to stand on a stool in order to pull the handle of the garage door emergency release cord.

When pulled, the garage door emergency release cord detaches the garage’s carriage from it’s trolley, allowing the garage door to easily slide open without any automated power. You will need to manually lift up the garage door, but it will open up super quickly with no resistance due to the spring assistance. Simply pull the cord and the garage door will become super easy to manually open and close!! Don’t forget, even when emergency garage door cords are installed, it’s still essential to have your garage door and garage door opener periodically inspected by garage door safety experts, like those here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates.

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