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Garage Door Keyless Entry


One of the best aspects of owning a home is owning a functioning garage. They allow you save time you’d normally spend driving around looking for a parking space. They protect your vehicles from rain or snow. They help provide the security to protect cars from being stolen, burglarized, or vandalized. They also provide great storage space! However, all of these benefits that owning a garage really affords are canceled out when your garage door isn’t secure. An insecure garage door gives criminals direct access to your car, items in storage, and your home. If your garage is protected by just a simple lock and key, you might not feel totally reassured – which is logical! Garage door locks are common targets for thieves, and they are almost always vulnerable to SOME form of access. A fantastic option is using a keyless garage opener that utilizes a keypad or wireless access. Here’s three of the main fantastic benefits provided by keyless garage door access as prepared by the experts at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates.


If you lose a garage door key or suspect that criminals can access it, you will need to undergo a long tedious process of lock changing and replacing all existing keys. You will just have to repeat this process again if your keys are lost again. However, if you use keyless garage door entry, you can easily change the code for garage access. So if you think somebody is using a keypad code to get in your garage, simply change the code in a matter of seconds!!


If you use a normal key for your garage lock or simply a normal remote control garage, you will always need to know where the keys or remote are at all times if you want your property to remain secure. You’re probably already knowledgeable about how quick one of these devices can get lost. You already have a ton of other keys! With keyless garage door openers, there’s no risk of losing your key, because there’s no key at all – just memorize your simple code!


Keyless garage door opener systems allow you the benefits of allowing package delivieries, friends, family, babysitters, maintenance workers, or other visitors the ability to access your property within a specified window of time, even when you are not there to let them in. This code that you program will only work for the amount of time you set it to; simply give it to whoever is delivering your packages or needs access to your home so you won’t have to worry. It’s a fantastic convenience benefit.

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