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This is by far the best door repair company that I’ve worked with. I called Los Angeles Gates and they were able to get me a same day services to repair our gate opener. . They arrived within a short time of the phone call, and fixed the gate quickly. Best of all, it was surprisingly affordable. Absolutely no complaints here!
Time was the biggest issue when I called several companies in Hollywood for gate repair. From all the companies, only LA Gates told me that he can be at the shop in the next hour. We had a big sale that day, and one of the people who clean the windows of our storefront forgot the wiper under the gate. The gate was broken and it looked really bad. LA Gate and Garage Door took care of that and made it look so easy. I know I found the company who will service our gates in all our locations from now on.
Our garage door is much noisier than all of my neighbors in our condo complex all built at about the same time. It was also shifting from side to side. I knew this was not natural so I decided to have it taken care of before something broke. I called for repair at about 10:30 this morning and was told a repairman would come between 11:00 and 2:00. I got a call at 12:30 from the repair guy saying he was in an adjoining town and would get to me around 2:00. With snow falling, he showed up on time, assessed the problem, replaced all of the rollers and in about 30 minutes completed the job. They were courteous, efficient, and his work was clean. The door is much quieter and doesn’t shake. Job well done!
My garage door wasn’t working properly for a long time, and I kept ignoring the need of the door to be repaired. Now, that was a mistake, since last morning when I woke up, I couldn’t get my car out of the garage, since I could not open it. I called LA Gates and Garage Doors, and they said that someone will be there within an hour. And what do you know, the repairman came after 20 minutes. He opened the garage door, allowed me to take my car out, and since I needed to leave, said he will come back this evening to fix the door.
A spring broke on one of our garage doors and I called Los Angeles Garage Doors and they were at my house within 1.5 hours, called 20-min before they arrived, and Yos was the best garage repair person. He showed me the frayed and damaged cables, pulleys and explained why the spring broke and fixed them immediately. In addition, he evaluated my other garage door to make sure it was also safe and cleaned our safety sensors. I was very pleased and happy to know the workmanship and parts are guaranteed for 1 year. I would definitely call them again and recommend them to anyone that needs work on garage doors. Very professional, courteous and nice.

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