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Garage Door Window Pros & Cons

Garage door windows are quickly becoming a popular garage door installation upgrade for homeowners and business owners everywhere. In this blog post, the garage door installation experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates will detail some of the main pros and cons associated with garage door windows.


Garage door windows increase your home’s curb appeal by aesthetically benefiting the outside appearance of your property. Steel doors can be transformed to a new look through careful calibration of a window’s size, shape, and placement.
Garage doors often take up a large amount of your home’s facade – nearly half of it in fact! Many people add garage door windows to help make their home’s exterior appearance flow better.
Garage door windows can make natural light flow better into your garage. This allows the benefit of clear lights during the daytime, eliminating the need for daytime lighting and the associated power drainage it holds, while also making it more pleasant to work in your garage during the daytime.


Garage door windows can potentially increase the risk of property damages, as garage door windows can be broken from a baseball – or even a burglar! Consider installing tempered glass garage door windows, which are harder to break and even break into small harmless pieces when it does. Garage door windows can be a security risk due to the chance of criminal fishing attempts, a technique where criminals create a gap in the window and use a wirehook to release the emergency handle on your garage. Garage windows should be somewhat obscured or tinted to decrease this risk. Garage door windows will slightly increase the maintenance times onm your garage, as it takes longer to clean off windows. However, not by much, as many people will likely be satisfied by simply spraying their garage down with a hose, only the most fastidious people will be polishing their garage door windows.

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