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Garage Insulation


During the heat of Summer, your garage can rack up incredible energy bills – as well as heat. The cool air can leak out of your garage door, allowing for a build up of hot air, which in turn will leak into your home and cause your air conditioning system strain as it works harder to cool your home. Garage insulation has a number of practical benefits – in this blog post, the experts at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors will detail the most important and valuable pros to garage door insulation.


If your garage door, walls, and ceiling is insulated by qualified professionals, you can make sure that your energy bills stay low as cool air will remain in your garage, helping avoid the problem of having hot air leak back into your home. Ventilating your garage door is also helpful, as it will keep an airflow that will in turn prevent the build up of hot air. During the Winter, as well, an uninsulated garage can cause warm air to escape your home, making your heating system work harder. In the majority of homes, living spaces are located either right above or right behind the garage, making it extra important to ensure that the garage temperature is comfortable for all those in adjacent rooms, in order to save the money of calibrating your home air conditioning or heating systems to compensate for the temperature disparity.


If your garage is a working or living space, as it is for the many people that use the extra space as a workshop, den, or practice space, it’s important that you can remain inside it comfortably – and safely. An extra hot environment can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous – leading to dehydration. Since garages are fantastic places to concentrate on office work, practice hobbies, or even exercise, it’s essential to make sure your garage is insulated at a comfortable temperature if you want to utilize it for any of these activities.


If you have any personal items or equipment in your garage, you want to ensure that they stay in as great condition as possible. Moisture and humidity can quickly erode and damage all manners of belongings -with electronics and metallic based tools being especially susceptible to rusting. By insulating your garage, you can enforce climate control, and in turn protect your property from rusting.


If you use your garage as a place to conduct professional construction, fixing, or any operation that requires the use of tools – even amateur fix-it action – you’re going to want to be courteous to not only those within your household, but your neighbors as well. If you’re an early bird who likes to hammer it away in your garage at 7am on a Sunday morning, by insulating your garage you can make sure that your family and those in your neighborhood won’t be fully disrupted and disturbed by your loud tool experimentation, as the insulation prevents sound from echoing and carrying within your home or down the street. Without insulation, the metal structure of a garage can amplify sound – which may, or may not, be ideal when the garage is used for band practice, depending on who you are.


If your garage houses your washing machine or drier, it also must contain extensive plumbing. While this is a winter issue, frozen pipes can vastly damage your plumbing system leading to extensive repairs. Furthermore, sometimes washing machines and driers can overheat, potentially causing dangerous electrical sparking or shortages. You can help prevent this from occurring by ensuring through insulation that the ambient temperature of your garage stays at a stable and comfortable level.

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