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Garage Parties


Garages are a very underrated and underutilized social space in many homes. Garages are actually a fantastic place to hold a party! Here’s a guide to using garages as a space for parties, as prepared by the garage maintenance and garage installation team here at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors.


Garages can be an ideal space for gathering together with friends. You need to set up your garage according to whether you want to use your garage as a sometimes-hang out space or a constant gathering location. First, take out all the excess clutter and garbage. Re-store items you want to keep at another location, or if there’s enough room, organize them and place them in one end of the garage. Consider selling or giving away items you no longer want or need., Then, get your seating arrangements sorted. Get an old couch or sofa, or even old lawn chairs. We recommend including a stereo, television, and one or two tables. Include a cooler for drinks, delicious food, plates, forks, napkins – and invite all your loved ones or friends over for an awesome shindig! Consider it your very own private party space.


Regardless of whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you want to ensure that your garage party is comfortable for all of your guests. This is a matter of keeping your garage door open in the Summer, or closed in the Winter – to allow cool air in, or keep warm air inside. We recommend installing an AC and Heating system within your garage so you can have a much easier time with temperature and comfort regulation in order to maximize the amount of fun that you and your guests have at your Garage party!

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