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Greening Your Garage


Garage doors are incredibly common – and majorly convenient for homeowners. However, they can be associated with the stress of a heavy electric bill. Here’s some measures to both lower your electric bill, as well as to make your garage more green and energy efficient at the same time, as prepared by the garage door installation and garage door repair experts at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors.


New garage doors have light bulbs attached to the garage door opener. However, these aren’t the usual energy vampire lightbulbs, but an LED bulb, which is much more energy efficient than the traditional incandescent, as well as providing you with ample light.


Insulate your garage door. Many garage doors are so thin that cool air in the Summer and warm air in the Winter quickly leak out, letting the uncomfortable weather inside. This puts a strain on home heating and cooling systems, wasting electricity and heightening your monthly bill. By insulating your garage door, you will cause your system to work less hard, thus saving energy and money in the process.


Garages can become congested with toxic fumes. Consider installing exhaust fans that allow you to rid your garage of these fumes as well as cooling it down without the energy expense of air conditioning. This improves ventilation, prevents excess moisture, and protects you and all your belongings from the effects of fumes that would otherwise float around your garage.


Choose painting and finishing methods that allow you to save energy and prevent leaks of warm or cold air in various times of year. Make sure to consult with your expert garage door installation technician as to what types of paint, finishes, and painting/finishing techniques would be the most energy efficient to utilize in your garage.


When washing your car in your garage, make sure not to waste a ton of water. Utilize green water collection, and moving water only to areas of the vehicle that are dirty and need it, rather than spraying water all over the vehicle. This will help prevent water waste, as well as minimize your post-car-cleaning floor-mopping effort in spades.

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