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How Garage Door Openers can be Affected by Summer Heat


The strong Summer heat of Los Angeles might be something that most Los Angeles natives are used to – however, there’s some aspects of the hot temperatures that’s of unique concern to the professional garage door repair team here at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors. In this blog post, our expert garage and garage door opener repair technicians will detail some of the ways that Summer heat can affect garage door openers.


If your garage door isn’t closing properly, it may be due to issues in the safety eyes, technology that detects obstructions to the door’s opening and protects humans or animals from being hurt by having the garage close on them. Safety eyes are often placed around6 inches above the floor to detect any object interference, and if so, reverse the direction of the closing garage door automatically. This was made mainstream in 1993 when a law mandating these safety systems was passed.


  • Misalignment of safety eyes
  • Bright sunlight hitting the sensor eye and messing up the light protected for proper alignment
  • Dirt, grime, or pollution covering the sensor eye or obstructing the light beam
  • Wire shorts
  • Physical objects blocking safety eyes

Safety eye issues can easily be fixed by professionals, like those here at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors, who can efficiently realign safety eyes by carefully repositioning them to match each other.


Los Angeles’ summer sun can mess with your garage door by placing direct sunlight on the safety eye, thus interfering with its light beam. This problem is indicated if your garage door is opening but not closing unless the wall control is pressed. Make sure to periodically clean your garage safety eye with a damp cloth, and if it’s still experiencing issues, contact a professional garage door opener repair team.

Summer heat can further damage garage door openers and internal circuitry; so in order to keep your garage better protected from the heat, consider installing a ventilation system – or even install a ton of fans to help keep the heat inside your garage down. One solution is to purchase an insulated garage door that prevents heat transfer, keeping your garage cool in the Summer and preventing it from getting too chilly when the temperature drops. Insulated garage doors carry the additional benefit of noise reduction, making them an ideal choice for garages attached to Los Angeles homes!

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