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How to Fix Broken Garage Springs


It usually starts by hearing a strange sound coming from your garage door – and you just know your garage door spring is broken. A broken garage door spring will prevent your garage door from opening properly, and replacing it can be complicated and tricky – however, the experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gate have advice for you on what to do if your garage springs are broken.


You need to make sure that the garage door opener springs are in fact broken. Directly visually inspect the springs. Broken springs will look rusty or stretched out. There could be a gap between the coils of the spring leading to the spring’s center. The look of the garage door can also indicate a broken spring; if the door is opening unevenly, or is not opening fully, or is opening or closing with a creaking noise, it’s likely due to a broken spring.


If your garage door is stuck closed – due to its immense weight (it’s likely made of steel and/or wood, and a broken spring, don’t attempt to open it using your automatic opener system, as this can cause even more extensive and expensive damage. If you absolutely need to enter your garage right away, as it’s an emergency situation, try to manually open the garage door by lifting up from the door’s center while applying pressure to multiple panels at one time. It’s essential that you make sure the door opens up smoothly and doesn’t cause much more damage.


NEVER EVER try to fix a broken garage door if you are an amateur. Even besides considering the immense weight of the garage door, the tight coils of your garage door springs can easily trap and hurt fingers. And considering the garage door’s weight, immense deadly damage can be caused by it crashing down. This is all besides the fact that any repairs to your garage door springs will be incredibly difficult and nearly impossible to accomplish without the unique experience of a professional garage door spring repair team like those at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gate, as well as their toolbox of specialized tools.

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