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Items Never to Store in your Garage

Although garages are being used for myriad activities and settings these days from party spaces to places for band practice, there’s certain items that just should never be kept in garage – for reasons of health and safety. Here’s a guide to ten items that should never be stored inside your garage, as prepared by the garage repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage Doors and Gates.


While it’s safe to store other barbecue related items in your garage, don’t ever store propane tanks inside your garage. Usually the valve of propane tanks aren’t totally shut, and they can leak – which can quickly prove deadly and explosive in the event of a single spark. Place propane tanks inside areas that don’t have nearby electricity or spark risk, like inside garden sheds.


In the Winter you might want to store your Summer clothes in your garage, and in the Summer you might want to store your Winter clothes in it. This isn’t a good idea, as animals like squirrels, skunks, and racoons might find them to be the perfect nest. We recommend sealing clothing inside plastic containers.


Don’t place paper recycling products in your garage, as it poses a similar risk for animal nesting as clothing does. This goes the same for food – make sure all food is fully sealed in airtight containers and placed inside your pantry.


Don’t store items like wine that are temperature sensitive in your garage as heat or cold can irreparably damage it. This goes the same for solvents, stains, and paint – which can rust quickly when placed on concrete garage floors.


Canned food placed in your garage will freeze inside their metal containers when kept in your garage during the Winter, which will lower their quality.


Don’t place any items like music records or 8 millimeter film inside your garage, as the heat or cold can ruffle the records, and the film celluloid creates a fantastic home for mice or vermin.


Electronic items can become irreparably damaged inside the extreme cold or heat that can occur inside garages.

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