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Pre-Autumn Garage Door Safety Checks


It may not feel like it yet, but Summer is starting to wind down. As many students are preparing to go back to school, the days are slowly getting closer, and within just a few short months, Winter will be upon us. As the weather gets colder, it’s important to make sure that your garages are operating in optimal condition to ensure that they will survive the usual stresses that affect mechanical elements during cold weather.

In this blog post, the experts at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors will provide a series of maintenance tips to perform now to ensure that your garage is in tip top shape for the coming Autumn, and nearing Winter.


Close your garage door and disconnect the door from the opener by pulling the release cord.
Manually raise the garage door, and steadily stop it when it’s at waist height.
Release the door, it should remain where you left it. If it moves down by itself, it needs to be adjusted. If it moves up, it’s springs are set too tight. Both of these situations place unneeded stress on the garage door opener. If the springs are set too tight, the door works too hard to balance force against the spring, and if it need readjustment, it works too hard against the gravity that pulls the door down.
If the door is moving, contact one of our experts immediately so we can adjust it for balance on the spot.


Make sure the tracks aren’t bent or rusted.
Make sure the rollers on the track itself aren’t rusted or worn.
Make sure the cables aren’t fraying, worn down, or rusted.
Close the garage door and check out the seal around the door. There shouldn’t be any light coming through it’s 4 sides.
Make sure the door’s hinges aren’t cracked or rusted.
If you see any wearing, cracks, or rust during the above checks, call us right away and one of our experts will perform some preventative repairs on the spot.


There is a seal known as an astragal between the lower part of the door and the floor that is either a simple black flap, or a tube. The shape and material the astragal is made of makes a foolproof seal, while allowing the door to close softly. During the Autumn, as it gets colder, many tiny animals like chipmunks, rats, mice, squirrels, or even rabbits often chew through the seal in order to find food as they scavenge or find warm shelter to sleep in. Make sure to check the astragal throughout the late Summer and Autumn to ensure that no animals have been attempting to chew through it. If you find that the door won’t seal correctly or close completely, try replacing the seal and see if it solves the problem. If this doesn’t work, call us right away and we’ll have a technical wizard at your location on the spot.

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