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Preventative Garage Door Maintenance


Now that Fall is solidly in place and Winter is coming, it’s essential that we all get a handle on all the necessary Garage Door Maintenance that we need to implement in order to protect our garages from the coming colder season. During Winter, many garages fall into maintenance lapses and disrepair, causing problems that can last indefinitely through the coming Spring – even if we’re talking Los Angeles, and not Detroit. Here’s LA Garage Door’s guide to garage door maintenance.


Make sure to utilize a lubricant made of petroleum – it works the best for garage doors. Make sure to lubricate each metal part that touches another metal part including rollers, spring systems, and hinges. Afterwards, use another silicone based lubricant for an extra layer. This lubricant will ward off dust, and should be used to lubricate all exterior frame weatherstrips made of PVC. Simply place some of the lubricant on the bottom of the weatherstripping, and if there’s PVC based weatherstripping between various sections of your door, place some small amounts of lubricant on those too.


If your door was made after the year 1993 (and if it wasn’t, it should be replaced,) your garage door includes safety systems of both mechanical and photoelectric varieties. Your mechanical garage door safety system can be checked by placing a piece of wood on the threshold of the door when it’s open, and then lower it. When the door touches the wood, it should open up – and if it doesn’t, contact a licensed garage door repair expert. Your photoelectric garage door safety system can be tested by moving your foot in front of the safety units (which are usually 4 inches from the ground on the sides of the doors.) The door should quickly stop and change directions – and if this doesn’t happen, you should contact a garage door expert right away.


Make sure to verify if the garage door opener’s light bulbs are working – and if they aren’t switch them out. Just to remind you – not all garage door openers utilize the corkscrew shaped compact fluorescent bulbs they are commonly associated with, because these lightbulbs often emit waves that mess with the garage door opener’s ability to operate correctly.


This is also a great opportunity to change timer programming as well as outdoor based lightbulbs – since nighttime exterior lighting is not only a major boost to your home security, but also to the safety of all those in or around your home. You might need to replace a dim bulb, or simply wipe off any dust or cobwebs that mitigate the light’s intensity.

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