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Reducing your Energy Bill with your Garage Door


Are you trying to lower your energy bill? Modifying your garage is a fantastic way to do this! Garages can be a real burden on your energy bill due to heat or cold air being lost through the garage door. Here’s some fantastic ways to reduce your energy bill through your garage door, as prepared by the garage door installation experts at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors.


Install section end blocks in your garage door to keep insulation materials in place and securing hinges to door ends. Through the use of weather stripping and glued joints, you will make a bond through the exterior and interior metal sheets, creating a weather proof steel. However, since most modern garage doors use steel sheets and steel end caps, a process called thermal bridging can take place, allowing for the easy transfer of heat into or out of the garage door. By using wooden end blocks instead, you will create a thermal break, insuring that heat doesn’t seep in during the Summer, or creep out during the Winter.


Often with modern garage doors, the joints of the door are attached to steel sheets using metallic staples – sometimes with the addition of a little glue. This also causes thermal bridging and heat transfer. Utilize a strategy of implementing thermal breaks intelligently by using a PVC weatherseal between the door section joints in order to prevent heat transfer.


PVC weatherstirpping isn’t the best, as it gets hard and rigid during cold weather, limiting it’s protection. We recommend installing high quality double lip weather stripping on the exterior and bottom of your garage door that stays flexible even in low temperatures. We recommend the use of Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) based weather stripping.

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