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Saving Space in your LA Garage

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Garages, as you probably know, aren’t just areas for car storage. For huge amounts of people, garages are used to store all their life’s ephemera – with only minute attention being paid to the way that it can accumulate and snowball. This, of course, takes up all the open space of a garage gradually – and homeowners really miss out on a fantastic opportunity for organization by allowing garages to become cluttered. Here’s some tips by the experts at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors on how to save garage space in your Los Angeles Garage.


This is one of the top ways to save space and make your garage fully functional. It involves placing items in areas set by categories. So all painting items should be placed in one area, while vacuums and brooms should be placed in another. Tools should be set in one area, laundry supplies in another, and bikes and toys in another. You get the picture.


We recommend utilizing wall storage units, ceiling storage units, and crating in order to store all your garage based belongings. Some items like rakes or brooms can be stored on hooks or grippers placed on the walls. Mid sized belongings like tools or cans are best stored on shelves, while smaller items like toys or keys can be placed inside crates or boxes. As a matter of utilitarianism, keep frequently needed items in easier to access places, and less used items towards the back of shelves.


Organize crates by their contents, and clearly label them with a differently colored label with bright, easy to read writing. Crates are great for sports equipment, camping gear, fishing gear, and any specific category of GEAR that there is out there. This makes it easier to gather it together on the specific times you need it – you just instinctively know that it’s inside that particular crate!


This involves installing wall shelving, which can be complicated, but the organization payoff is worth it.Before you build up shelving, take in mind what items you want to store in it. Bulky items are best served by long shelving, while tiny containers and bins on walls help protect smaller items. We recommend installing lockable cabinets to hold chemicals, paints, and power tools – as well as expensive equipment. Pegboards work great for tiny and non-categorizable items, as well as strangely shaped items that can be hung up on pegs.


Ceilings are great for storing heavy or bulky items that would otherwise take up way too much precious space. Bikes, vacuums, or other big tools are perfectly stalled on ceiling storage units – which can be easily installed, but really do require professional installation to ensure that they are secure in place.

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