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How you Know you Have Superior Garage Doors for Your Business


Making sure your business has brand new, highly functional garage doors is a fantastic way to ensure it’s professional function and reputation – however, since most average people aren’t experts with garage doors, it can be hard to determine whether the garage doors their business have in place are truly of superior quality. Here’s a guide from the garage door installation experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gates on how to determine if you have superior commercial garage doors.


Buying a wooden garage door is a fantastic way to provide an upscale appearance rife with natural beauty for your garage – and wooden garage doors do tend to cost a bit more than their vinyl counterparts. In order to purchase a high quality wooden garage door, you will likely have to pay some money, as cheap wooden garage doors experience cracking and warping more easily. The most superior wood garage doors are made of cedar and redwood – as these woods can stand up to the elements and look fantastic for years to come.


Superior garage doors have good insulation – but you need to understand the R-Value of the insulation in place. R-value is the measurement of how much insulation is in your door. Superior garage doors have insulation R-Value of between 10-13 – even in hot environments, this insulation will help keep your garage cooler, which will then help you save on air conditioner costs!


Superior garage doors have high quality springs. All garage door springs have a life cycle of the maximum, the amount of times the door can go up and down before it’s springs need to be replaced. This can quickly add up. Get superior springs with a life cycle of at least 20,000 full cycles – as this will help you save money over time.


Make sure your garage door is outfit with a superior, highly durable and heavy duty garage door opener. These cost slightly more, but provide much better performance with a longer lasting battery, a stronger motor – and this will save you money over time, as you will need to replace the garage door opener to a much less frequent degree.

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