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Reasons to Update your Garage Door Opener

Reasons-To-Update Your-Garage-Door-Opener

While your garage door opener may not be the main aspect of your home that you daydream about updating and renovating, it’s actually a really beneficial part of your home to update from a practical standpoint. Here’s some fantastic reasons to update your garage door opener, as prepared by the garage door opener installation experts at Metro GDS Inc Gates & Garage Doors.


Garages are commonly utilized entry and exit points for your home. But old ones can cause danger. It’s important that your garage door opener is safe for everyone in your household to be around. Pre 1993 garage door openers only utilized mechanical door reversal systems that reverse direction when the door made contact with an obstruction – which wasn’t enough from a safety standpoint, as accidents still happened. It’s essential to get a new garage door opener with a double photo eye safety system that automatically reverses the door when the beam is broken.


If you programmed your garage door opener remote using DIP switches in a Positive, Zero, or Negative position, the signal can likely be hacked by expert burglars who can easily access your home through your garage. Get a new garage door opener that uses a rolling code programming that generates a new code matched to the remote for each use, increasing the security of your home two-fold.


Modern technology allows for the remote control of garage doors through smartphone, tablet, or computer applications. These applications work with smart garage door opener technology that utilizes BlueTooth or Wi-Fi connections to offer home and business owners maximum amounts of convenience and control.


Older chain based garage door openers are incredibly loud and irritating, particularly for those whose bedrooms are within earshot of the garage. Contemporary garage door openers use metal re-enforced rubber belts that operate much more quietly than other older models. For further noise reduction you can replace metal rollers with nylon rollers, and a vibrator isolation system that places rubber between the motor of the opener and the metallic brackets holding it to the ceiling, minimizing excess noise.

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