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When your Garage Door Opens By Itself

When your garage door starts opening by itself, you might be worrying if your home is being haunted by spirits, but luckily there’s a perfect, non-supernatural explanation for why your garage is behaving like this. In fact, there’s multiple potential explanations, that through using this handy guide prepared by the garage door opener repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gate you can identify and troubleshoot.


Radio interference can cause your garage to open and close on it’s own. Garage openers utilize radio frequency across all necessary devices in order to properly operate. Other devices like police radios, CB radios, and even neighboring garage doors might be on the same frequency. Since different garage doors can accidentally be programmed at the same channel, this might cause your garage door to accidentally open seemingly by itself!!


Garage doors have sensors near the ground that prevent them from shutting on obstructions – an essential and important safety feature. If the garage door automatically opens, it’s possible debris is in front of the safety sensor, causing the garage door to automatically lift, and potentially make it unable to close. Check to see if there’s anything underneath the door that’s potentially causing debris interference.


Check to see if your garage door remote opener is dirty, clogged with debris, or have broken or malfunctioning batteries. Any of these issues can cause the remote to trigger the garage door to open when you don’t intentionally open it. Even batteries that aren’t set in the proper position can cause garage doors to open – try making sure that they are properly aligned.

If none of these potential causes are found to be the reason for your automatically opening garage door, contact the experts here at Los Angeles Garage and Gate for further assistance; our team will provide you with instant and convenient garage door solutions.

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