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Electric Gate Opener

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Electric gates operate through motion of a mechanized arm that opens and closes your automatic gates through signals sent from remote controls or keypads. They often contain safety features like automatic direction reversal or hold modes– operating according to the same principals as garage openers. Electric gate openers are also available in either pad-mounted, heavy duty arm forms, or more lightweight linear arm forms and are scaled at different power levels for different sizes and weights of gates. They are available in mechanical or (the rarer) hydraulic varieties– with most residential locations opting for mechanical gates.

Metro GDS Inc. will solve any and all issues involving your electric gate opener.  

If you want an electric gate installed, the expert team at Metro GDS Inc. Gates & Garage Door will help you determine exactly what type of electric gate is ideal for your location and fully install it in a matter of minutes. If your electric gate is suffering misalignment, dragging, twisting, flexing, or any other mechanical issue, our technicians can seamlessly repair them in a fully courteous and efficient manner– and always at a competitive flat rate.

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