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Garage Door Openers are technically complex machinery that eventually experience some misalignments that require repair. Luckily for you, the experts at Metro GDS Inc Garage Door & Gates are prepared to provide repair service for all manners of garage door openers with complete efficiency and professionalism. We understand all the deep levels of repairing both Chain Drive garage door openers as well as Belt Drive garage door openers – so whenever you work with us, you can rest easy in knowing you’re receiving the highest quality service available anywhere in California.

Metro GDS Inc Garage Door & Gates provides repair services for all manners of Garage Door Openers including:

  • Chain Drive Openers - the cheapest, but noisiest garage door openers.
  • Belt Drive Openers - the quietest and simplest type of garage door openers.
  • Screw Drive Openers - low maintenance, quiet garage door openers with plastic lined tracks.


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If your garage door isn’t opening properly, contact us. Our experts will quickly diagnose and remedy the problem – and unlike our inferior competition, we will never suggest a full replacement whenever a repair is possible. However some situations might warrant a replacement of the garage door opener, including:
  • If your garage door opener was manufactured before the Federal Safety Regulation Update in 1993.
  • If the maker of your garage door opener has been sued for safety defectiveness.
  • If your garage door opener is missing safety eyes.
  • If your garage door opener brand has been discontinued and replacement parts aren’t available.
What Our Client Say
This is by far the best door repair company that I've worked with. I called Los Angeles Gates and they were able to get me a same day services to repair our gate opener. . They arrived within a short time of the phone call, and fixed the gate quickly. Best of all, it was surprisingly affordable. Absolutely no complaints here!
Brent M.
What Our Client Say
Time was the biggest issue when I called several companies in Hollywood for gate repair. From all the companies, only LA Gates told me that he can be at the shop in the next hour. We had a big sale that day, and one of the people who clean the windows of our storefront forgot the wiper under the gate. The gate was broken and it looked really bad. LA Gate and Garage Door took care of that and made it look so easy. I know I found the company who will service our gates in all our locations from now on.
Stacey F.

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